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After meeting Sandy and Rich at an open house in Wheaton for a home my fiancé and I were considering, I knew there was a reason I visited that particular home.

We did not have a buyer’s agent at the time but I knew there was something special about the Crane’s during the first few minutes of the open house! The next day I called Sandy and chose her as my realtor! What a blessing – the Crane’s listened to all of our requests and pulled hundreds of homes, graciously changing the searches as many times as we changed our minds! Even as very young home buyers, Sandy and Rich always respected us and supported us, patiently answering all our questions and being available via text, phone or email at all times. They were quick to please, scheduling home tours the same day we requested them and adjusting their busy schedules to accommodate our needs. Sandy kept in touch through every detail of touring, offering and closing on our home. Sandy and Rich made sure we were educated about each step of the process and allowed us to learn so much about the real estate purchase process. They gave us wonderful advice but never pushed us and always left final decisions up to us! They also recommended great people to help us with other aspects of the home purchase and attended the inspection, walk through and closing. Sandy coached us through losing a home we offered on and encouraged us, knowing that we would be led to the home meant for us. We ended up closing on a beautiful home in Naperville and are so sad that our time with Sandy and Rich is over! Sandy and Rich are more than realtors, they are friends. They love and support their clients, they pray for them and always communicate. I wholeheartedly recommend the Crane’s to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in the western suburbs – you will absolutely love their personalities, their expertise and their integrity!

Shawn and Emily

We are so pleased to have chosen Rich and Sandy Crane to sell our home for us.

After two previous attempts to sell our home in the past several years, we were concerned because we had to move out of state this time. Rich and Sandy Crane work together as a team and provide the very best of marketing, education, analytics, counseling, support, understanding, and encouragement. We were extremely impressed by both their professional approach and kind, friendly guidance throughout the entire process. Their market analysis before selling our home was spot on. Our home sold within 1% of the original assessment. Rich and Sandy took extreme care in helping set our expectations based on best information and analytics available. Their help in staging our home to look its best was invaluable. We had work that needed to be done around the home before putting it up for sale. The Cranes guided us to reasonable, competent, and dependable service providers. The marketing plan was well thought out and executed. Within a few days of putting our home on the market, we had more interest shown than our previous sales attempts cumulatively. This team spent time with interested buyers conducted several open houses and set up quite a number of private showings. The ultimate buyers of our home made a bid within a month of putting our home up for sale. Not only did the Cranes work closely with us, but also assisted the buyer's realtor and lawyer far beyond the call of duty. I doubt that we would have been able to close without the efforts of this incredible team working on our behalf. All the way through to closing and beyond the Cranes kept consulting with us and informing us along the way. Their use of technology to keep everyone (buyers, attorneys, realtors, and us) all on track was incredibly helpful and allowed us to close on the sale of our home about 90 days after having put it on the market. My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of Sandy and Rich Crane. They are outstanding because of their diligence, expertise, and excellent support of the entire selling process. Anyone choosing the Cranes will have a top-notch team working on their behalf.

George and Linda

Simply the best!

We were so blessed and grateful to have Sandy and Rich as our agents. They have exceeded all our expectations! We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. It was really a smooth transition considering how stressful it can be when you are buying and selling a home! Sandy and Rich were with my wife and I every step of the way and were very supportive and caring.

John and Sharon

We are so glad that we chose Rich and Sandy to be our realtors!

They were so wonderful to work with. They did such a great job communicating with us regularly and often. We moved out of town when our house was on the market and they made the extra effort to make sure we were always well informed. They were attentive, supportive, knowledgeable and we are grateful we took this journey with them. We highly recommend them!

David and Nimmy

Sandy and Rich Crane are so wonderful to work with - there are not enough words in the English language to describe them!

! If you want a genuine realtor-client relationship, and for your realtor to CARE about you and the process, and to be QUICK to respond, and for it to be a DELIGHTFUL experience then this is who you must use! It was such a JOY working with Sandy and Rich, that what is the happiest of occasions to close on our new home, also became bittersweet, since it ended our regular phone, text, email and house touring time in person with these two. We are so sad that our journey has come to an end! But that has opened up their schedule for new buyers. Contact them today - you won't be disappointed. (I am a 17-year veteran in the mortgage business and I can assure you with my industry experience that these two are the best of the best!)

Jeremy and Juliet

This team sold our home in 24 hours.

That in itself is fabulous! But it was the care, concern and communication that really made them AMAZING. Sandy and Rich, my husband and I are grateful for the service you provided to us during an incredibly stressful time.

Brian and Kimberly

How do we say “Thank You” for being such a class act as our Real Estate Agents?

Right from the beginning your attention to informing us and keeping us abreast of ALL the details involved in the process of selling our home was stupendous! Your knowledge and attention to detail, advice for preparation of our home and most of all your calm holding of my hand through all my “stress days” was spot on and was reflected in getting our desired price and timely sale. We love you!! You are the BEST.

Swede and Linda

We wanted to tell people about our excellent experience with you finding our new home.

Prior to going with you we had tried out several other realtors. Some were knowledgeable, all were eager to help. We looked for two years without finding a suitable home. Then we decided to give you a try. You patiently listened to our hopes and concerns and fears and didn’t try to “fix us.” You showed us houses and homes, and comforted us when the ones we bid on were snatched out from underneath us for one reason or another. I am not sure we had the faith to really believe we could find something we both could agree upon much less love, but I think you must have had faith enough for both of us. You prayed with us during our melt downs and told us God was going to show us the way we should go. He did and He used you to be His hands and feet. To us you were Jesus with white hair and the most beautiful smile. With your help we found a nice house we can fix up and make into our home. I’ve already painted it several times in my mind. Now I can’t wait to get to the real thing. Sarah Beth has great ideas to change the kitchen around and who knows what all else. Plenty of projects to keep us busy for years to come. Even though our home was not a super expensive home and your commission was not eye popping, you gave us the absolute best service possible. We will recommend you to people who need a realtor. Knowing that you pray for God’s direction and leading is a great comfort. “God had this home for you.” Rich told us the day before closing and we know that was true. Thanks for reminding us of that. Most gratefully,

Jimmy and Sarah Beth

It was our pleasure to have Sandy and Rich Crane as our real estate agents.

They treated us as a family member. They are kind, patient and respectful. They are honest and transparent, accessible, and happy to help and support us. Purchasing a home can be stressful and worrying, but Sandy and Rich led us smoothly through the whole process. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional, and we have received excellent service during our business with them. We have five-star experience with Sandy and Rich Crane and we will continue to recommending them to our friends and others.

Reza and Martha

Sandy and Rich Crane are the best!

!! They were extremely focused on getting us the best value for our money, and they were very flexible, always offering service with a smile. With Sandy's patience and personal attention, and Rich's knowledge of finances and budgeting, we are 200% sold on this Realtor team!!

Tyler and Bekah

My husband and I attempted to sell our house as a For Sale by Owner.

Only a couple days into it Sandy and Rich Crane met with us to share ideas and help us work through the process, with absolutely no pressure at all for us to list our home with them as Realtors. They genuinely cared and wanted to help us. Quickly we realized selling our home on our own was not going to work for us, so we listed our home with Sandy and Rich. Best decision we made! They had a first-class marketing plan timed out with perfection! What we appreciated the most was the education they provided us every week—sharing market updates and stats. They enlightened us with information that helped us make the best decisions on how to move forward in the process. Sandy and Rich were ALWAYS available, consistently answering all our questions and concerns, giving support and guidance, and allowing us to make decisions without any pressure. It was truly a joy working with them. They are honest, sincere, and trustworthy people—the kind of people you want to work with! We highly recommend Sandy and Rich for any home you need to sell or buy!

Joe and Sara

My husband and I met with the Cranes about eight weeks ago to start the process of purchasing our first home and from that day, we knew it was going to be a smooth and wonderful experience.

Sandy and Richard did not treat us like clients but like family. They are knowledgeable, approachable, very patient and generous with their time. They explained things to us in a way that we could understand and answered all of our questions. They knew the right people to refer us to throughout the process. Six weeks later, we were in our home. I have already been recommending the Cranes to our friends because we are positive that they will be as pleased as we are with the excellent service they provide. With Sandy and Richard, it's really home buying made easy! Proudly,

Eusau and Edmonde

They were perfect.

I've never experienced a more pleasant and more faultlessness process than this one with Sandy and Rich Crane. I highly recommend them.

Mays and Mike

During our 1st meeting via the telephone Sandy and I made a really sweet connection!

She took such great care of me. I knew she and her husband Rich were special people and they do quality work! Thank you both for serving our community so well. If you are looking for realtors who are attentive, caring and skilled look no further! Rich and Sandy are top notch professionals! I have already recommended your company to several of my friends and I will continue spreading the word about Crane Realty!

Tanya Egler

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