Our Commitment of Service

 Our Commitment of Service to You!

Here is our service and commitment to you as your Real Estate Professionals

·       We will keep all aspects of your transaction confidential.

·       We will return every client call or contact ASAP.


·       We will provide a written marketing plan, and discussing with you any needed revisions.

·       We will hold multiple Open Houses to provide maximum exposure of your property to the marketplace.

·       We will keep you updated during our weekly seller update.

 Our service to you during the negotiation of an offer:

·       We will present all offers and counteroffers ASAP.

·       While an offer is being negotiated, we will contact you at least once a day to keep you informed, even if there is no resolution of the negotiation.

·       We will provide appropriate originals and/or copies of all documents for managerial review as soon as practical and in compliance with the law.

·       We will assist with financing alternatives if needed.

 Our service to you while the property is under contract:

·       In compliance with the purchase contract, we will work with your attorney and the closing agent/escrow to manage the process. We will ask your attorney and the closing agent to keep us informed directly of all transaction activity.

·       We will deliver transaction documents digitally or as quickly as possible if we are using paper. We will review the documents with you, obtain signatures, and return the documents within the time periods provided within the contract.

·       We will monitor the transaction for timely completion of all contingencies including, but not limited to, deposits, inspections, and loan contingencies.

·       We will contact you to arrange for inspection appointments for buyers.

·       We will assist you in obtaining estimates for termite, survey, and/or other inspection work, if necessary. 

Our service in monitoring the status of buyer’s loan and report to you, the seller.

·       We will assist you in complying with local ordinances which may require installation of smoke detectors, water conservation devices, etc.

·       We will follow the progress of reconveyances and beneficiary statements.

·       We will monitor the progress of the buyer’s fire and/or flood insurance.

·       We will anticipate and assist in solving any special problems associated with the sale of your property.

·       We will coordinate any other transactions relating to the sale of your property.

·       We will coordinate closing logistics including final closing walk-through.

·       We will monitor the buyer’s deposit of funds and signing of all final documents.

·       We will personally inform you of recordation.

·       On closing day, we will make sure there is transfer of keys and garage door openers from you to the buyers.

·       We will follow-up to make sure you have received all final documentation.